How to Find the Right Family Attorney for Your Needs

Finding the best Family Lawyers

If you need to resolve a family law issue, such as divorce proceedings or custody and support issues, it is important that you hire an experienced lawyer. There are many benefits to working with a professional, including specialized legal skills, knowledge of the relevant laws, and relationships with other family law professionals. Additionally, a lawyer can help you come to peaceful resolutions regarding child custody and visitation arrangements.

In addition to divorce, family lawyers can also handle issues that affect the rights of children, such as guardianship and adoption cases. They can also assist parents in enforcing their child support obligations and addressing domestic violence matters. They can also handle estate planning tasks, which involve preparing for the future of your assets and property after your death.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law has been providing legal services since 2009. Its attorneys handle various areas of law, from family and divorce law to probate and personal injury. The firm has a diverse client base, ranging from professional and collegiate athletes to celebrities and business owners. Its team includes attorneys who speak several languages, and it serves the LGBT community.

The law office of George J. Skuros specializes in family law. The firm handles paternity disputes and prepares prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements for individuals and couples in Chicago. The firm also handles guardianship and conservatorship lawsuits, as well as probate cases. Its attorneys are fluent in English and Spanish, and they serve clients throughout the city of Chicago.

Corri Fetman & Associates Ltd is a family law firm that works on adoption cases in Chicago. Its legal team assists parents in adopting foster care, domestic, and interstate children. Its team of family lawyers also handles divorce proceedings and the accompanying issues of spousal support and property division. Its founding partner, Corri Fetman, has been practicing for over two decades and is a respected attorney in the state of Illinois.

Founded in 1998, Gaynor Law provides legal guidance for families in transition in Chicago. Its attorneys handle divorce, legal separation, child custody and support, and domestic violence. The firm also handles estate planning issues and can assist with adoptions. The practice has extensive experience handling complex financial matters, such as closely held companies and executive compensation plans.

The law firm of Reed, Centracchio & Associates, LLC, helps clients through family-related concerns in Chicago. Its attorneys assist with divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal support, and paternity disputes. They can also deal with Hague Convention cases in situations where there are foreign factors that may impact a custody dispute. The firm has offices in Chicago and Skokie, and its attorneys are fluent in English and Spanish. It is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association. Its team of lawyers is committed to ensuring that its clients receive the best possible representation. They have a strong track record in achieving favorable outcomes for their clients.